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Karl Gustav and Henriette Felix, founder of the company Gustav Felix metal working plant


Records confirm that since 1790 the Felix family, who made a living by farming, was already busy manufacturing pocket knives during the winter. In 1843 Karl Gustav Felix registered the metal working plant ''Gustav Felix'' at the district court in Wuppertal. Today after 6 generations the Felix company is still a family business. We are proud to be a traditional Solingen knife company with a history of more than 160 years.

The company logo ''hammer and anvil'' and the location of Solingen shows our commitment to top quality. The major part of all knives produced these days are forged from one solid piece of metal. The high quality standard of Felix products can only be achieved by perfectly combining high-grade raw materials, modern technologies and skilled craftmanship. Our knives are made exclusively from high alloyed stainless steels such as molybdenum and molybdenum vanadium steel (DIN 4116, 4110). After careful hardening, anealing process and a two step grinding operation we can guarantee a high and long lasting cutting performance as well as great rust resistance.





For our handles only the best plastic materials are used e.g. POM or reinforced Polyamid or well tried precious wood.

The handles are injectionmoulded or riveted. To comply with strict hygiene standards we weld the handle onto the tang or silicon is used for special sealing. The final touch, the actual honing of the blade and the quality check is still done done by skilled craftsmen.

Tradition coupled with vitality is the motto of the company. Through cooperation of industrial designers we achieve the balance between good design and function. At a glance a chef's knife seems to look the same as 100 years ago, but only at first sight.





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