BARBECUE For hobby chefs and professionals, functional tools and accessories are also important when grilling. For example, a grill tong with which you can grasp and turn the food safely. Wood is known to be blunt, so nothing slips away even with slight effort. With the Felix cutting board you have the perfect base for preparation and you serve the food safely and in style. The leather apron made of cowhide leather protects the grill master - for example from flying sparks and grease splashes, which are known to quickly ruin a fabric apron. Natural materials are happy about a little care. Thus the original radiant emittance and beauty of the material remain. For cleaning the wooden boards we recommend a mixture of salt, lemon and water, which disinfects and neutralises odours. For care we recommend grape seed oil. The leather can be treated with commercially available leather care products. This keeps the leather supple and protected from external influences.

Also consider the barbecue accessories

When the summer invites us outside, we like to barbecue a lot on terraces and in gardens. Germans are real barbecue champions. According to statistics, almost 60 million Germans barbecue several times a year. Almost 90 % have their own barbecue and Germans spend more than 1.2 billion euros a year on barbecued meat. With figures like these, it's clear that nothing should stand in the way of a perfect barbecue. To make it happen, you need barbecue accessories that put the icing on the cake. Only fully equipped will you have everything under control and be able to convince as a barbecue master.

Why barbecue accessories are so important

Let's be honest: some things you don't really need, but other barbecue accessories make a lot of sense. For example, barbecue tongs. Felix Solingen offers wooden barbecue tongs in different sizes. Why wood? Because this material is blunter than metal and you can therefore grip the meat much better, so it doesn't slip off as quickly. And these barbecue tongs are also a real eye-catcher. Have you worn an apron when barbecuing so far? If not, this is also a useful investment. Not only to avoid getting your clothes dirty, but also for safety reasons. Our barbecue apron is therefore made of leather and is particularly robust and durable. So you are safe from grease splashes and flying sparks. Another ideal barbecue accessory is a cutting board for meat, vegetables, etc. This allows you to prepare everything perfectly and work on it safely.

Barbecue accessories: Wood is ideal for BBQing

Wood is the benchmark for barbecue tongs and also for cutting boards. Wood requires little care and retains its charisma and beauty of the material for a long time. It is more non-slip than metal and does not heat up as quickly. They are cleaned with salt, lemon and water, which neutralises odours and disinfects in the same way. Find your suitable barbecue accessories for a barbecue party that has it all here at Felix Solingen.

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