HERBAL KITCHEN Fresh herbs are as important for the preparation of food as salt is in soup. Special gadgets are a must for amateur and professional cooks so that herbs are cut gently according to their nature, type and preparation. The blade of the herb knife is made of high quality X50 CrMoV15 blade steel, drop-forged from one piece and ice-hardened. This guarantees long-lasting edge retention and resistance to corrosion. The handle is made of plastic called polyoxymethylene, POM for short, and is durable and easy to clean. Herb shears should be used for all herbs which can be easily cut with scissors. The plastic handle with integrated bottle opener for screwable caps fits snugly in the hand and makes light work of the job. The cutting edge made of stainless steel is extremely sharp and almost cuts by itself. Both sides of the shears can be taken apart for better cleaning and easily put back together again.

Kitchen shears – the allrounder in the kitchen

There are certain kitchen utensils that everyone should have. A pair of kitchen shears is undoubtedly one of them. How often do you need such shears, don't have one handy and fiddle around with knives or other sharp objects. Suboptimal, we would say. Not only can such a thing be a high risk of accident, knives are simply unsuitable for some things. Not only can the instruments be damaged, the cut material often cannot be processed in the way one would like to.

Kitchen shears: almost indispensable for herbs

Just think about cutting off herbs. There are many different herb pots in the kitchen. Chives, parsley, rosemary or thyme. If you want to use these herbs, kitchen shears will do you good, because they make it very easy to cut them off and process them. Cutting these herbs into small pieces is also child's play with kitchen shears and is much easier to do than with a knife. In seconds you can season salads, sauces and many other dishes.

Our kitchen shears are not only made of stainless steel, they are also extremely sharp. For easier cleaning, they can be levered out so that you can perfectly clean the two cutting surfaces. The practical PVC handle fits well in the hand and as an extra the kitchen shears have a bottle opener for screw caps, depending on the model also for crown caps.

Kitchen shears: versatile applications

But our kitchen shears are not only suitable for cutting herbs. How often do you have to open packaging such as noodles or rice, bag soups or vegetables wrapped in plastic. With the high-quality kitchen shears from Felix Solingen this is no longer a problem at all. Not only the professional chef is happy about this practical tool in the kitchen, but also the hobby cook will not want to do without it.

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