Whether black, white or coloured – the FELIX brunch knife puts you in the mood for breakfast. The blade cuts effortlessly through bread rolls, baguette and anything you need to cut at breakfast time. It is made of X46 Cr13 stainless steel blade steel, is stamped and vacuum hardened, giving the material a stable and homogeneous structure and the blade elasticity, excellent cutting durability and resistance to corrosion. The handle made of food-safe, easy-to-clean PA polyamide fits snugly and safely in your hand. Conclusion: function, design and quality in convincing and proven FELIX-knife craftsmanship – and the day can start.

High quality brunch knives from Felix Solingen

Felix Solingen GmbH has been the guarantor for top quality knives for over 200 years. Our knives are manufactured in up to 80 individual steps - much of which is still done by hand. In our onlineshop you will find knives not only making cooking easier for you, but also giving you a lot of fun. In addition to practical kitchen knives, we also carry exclusive brunch knives that guarantee a perfect start to the day. Look forward to the optical highlight on the breakfast table.

Our breakfast knives offer a first class quality

Knives must bring a lot of things: Sharpness is probably the first priority, but you should also pay attention to durability. The same applies to the visual aspect - and it is precisely these three points that our knives combine to form a homogenous structure. They are made of stainless blade steel, which guarantees excellent cutting properties. Furthermore, our breakfast knives are corrosion-resistant. The handle is made of PA polyamide - an easy-care and food-safe plastic. Available in five different colours, these breakfast knives are not only a real eye-catcher, they also convince through their quality and the various possible uses.

With our breakfast knives you can cut bread and rolls just as easily as you spread butter, jam or honey. Due to the wide cutting surface, slices of sausage and cheese can be picked up. And of course - thanks to the fine saw cut - cutting fruit, cucumbers, tomatoes or peppers is no problem at all without losing any sharpness.

Breakfast knife: Get basic equipment now

There are countless households that have a motley collection of knives in their cutlery box. This is neither practical nor nice to look at. Therefore we would like to recommend our breakfast knives, with which you will score at every breakfast table. And don't hesitate to continue looking around in our online shop. And then you can start or even expand your collection of breakfast knives. Of course we pay attention to the highest quality for all our knives for table and kitchen. Convince yourself!

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