Private Label Knives – specially made for You

The knife production and the city of Solingen have always been the epitome of quality. We at Felix Solingen GmbH have also played a large part in this - and have been doing so since 1790! In addition to the production of high-quality knives of all kinds, we now offer your own knife collection. Private label knives, which are produced especially for you or your brand and which you can use freely for your company. To sell, give away and of course for your advertising. Get your private label knife collection - and that already from a lot size of 500 pieces - depending on the mode

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Private Label Knives – we take care of your collection

So if you have your own brand or are still thinking about it, if you are looking for a production and if you would like to offer your own private label knives to your customers in the future, then please contact us. We will take care of the manufacturing and the production. Our range is very wide, so we can serve different industries. From cooking and professional knives to knives for butchers' shops and turf knives, there is a lot possible. You want knives with a punched blade, forged knives, knives with wooden handles or with POM handles - everything is possible. You would like to be represented with your logo on our bestseller series FIRST CLASS or FIRST CLASS WOOD? This is also possible! In the form of a co-branding with your and our logo. Ask us for your private label knives.

Private Label Knives– perfect products for your brand

With our knives you can count on high quality. We from Felix Solingen not only manufacture your knives step by step by hand, we also take care they get the perfect finish. The finish is achieved by the so-called „Pliesten“, i.e. fine grinding, which makes the blade's grinding pattern particularly fine. We also take care of the "Reiden" or the setting. The blade is mounted on the handle so that you hold a perfect knife in your hands. Ask us at Felix Solingen if you are interested in private label knives. Our knives will convince you and your customers.

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