Exclusive knives have a name: Solicut

Since 2009 Solicut has been mentioned in the same breath as Felix Solingen. Because when the two successful companies merged, it was clear that only good could come out of it. Until today the Solicut brand is still on the market and has been able to establish itself further. New series were created, but even the tried and tested has retained its significance to this day. So it is clear that neither professionals nor hobby cooks want to do without Solicut, because the unique knives are hard to beat in quality, design and function.



The way from Solicut to Felix Solingen

Solicuts history dates back to 1948, when Kurt Sträter set up a small knife sharpening shop in a backyard in Solingen. In the course of time the company developed into one of the most respected in the industry. By the way, the name did not come by chance: Solicut is the abbreviation for Solingen Cutlery. The common path of Solicut and Felix Solingen then began in 2009, when the two merged. Since 2012, the company has borne the name Felix Solingen GmbH and continues to carry the Solicut brand in its product range.

Solicut: Successful brand, successful company

The goal of producing high-quality knives for professionals and amateurs culminated in the Absolute ML series, which Solicut developed in cooperation with the designer Carsten Gollnick. In 2007, the series received the IF Product Design Award in gold, also known as the "Design Oscar". This successful series is still produced and marketed since the merger of Felix Solingen.

In addition, the series Resolute and First Class are also available. Resolute is a razor blade steel knife, First Class is a knife forged in one piece with a double bolster. They were also introduced under the name Solicut and are now marketed by Felix Solingen. In some countries the First Class series is also known as the Goldhamster. Solicut is still a name that must be mentioned in one go with high quality knives from Solingen.

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