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  • HORL (8)

    The "HORL® principle"
    Put on the knife. Grind. Strip. This is the simple grinding principle of the rotary grinder. With the combination of a rotating diamond grinding wheel that is gently guided along the cutting edge and a constant grinding angle, HORL has developed a new method for knife sharpening. This combination guarantees a particularly even and reproducible sharpening of the knives.


    Accessories - versatile helpers in the kitchen Whether for grilling, cooking or frying - with the right accessories you will succeed in all dishes with ease. From barbecue tongs and barbecue apron for a nice BBQ to herb scissors and herb knife, everything is here. Add useful accessories to your kitchen if you want to be prepared for all occasions in the kitchen or for the next barbecue party.


    A knife not only has to be sharp, it should also look good. If you love something special, then a Felix knife with laser engraving is just right for you. Whether as a wedding gift with the initials of the bridal couple or with a mandala- make a Felix knife your personal knife. We offer you various patterns to choose from. Shop now. THE LASER ENGRAVING CAN ONLY BE ORDERED IN COMBINATION WITH A KNIFE.


    It makes sense to have knives within reach when preparing food - for example in a knife block or on a magnetic knife holder. The shape and material depend on the kitchen furniture, the space available and personal taste. All knife blocks and knife holders are made of high quality materials, easy to clean and durable. Knives need a wooden board as a cutting base to work properly. Why? When used on other materials the knife’’s blade gets blunt – for example on glass, ceramics or marble. High quality blades made from blade steel love wooden boards and thank you for it by keeping sharp for a long time. In addition, wood is more hygienic than plastic. Only high quality tannic and thus anti-bacterial wood is used for FELIX cutting boards.

    FELIX knives are sharp and stay that way for a long time. Depending on how often it is used, the FELIX knives are sharp. Because only a sharp knife is a good knife. To keep it that way even after long use, you will find our selection of products for sharpening knives here. The FELIX SOLINGEN range includes selected whetstones, sharpening rods and sharpening steels as well as the popular HORL roll sharpeners. Naturally in different versions and designs. So when you order your knives, don't forget the necessary tools.

    GIFT CARDS (3)

    The Felix Gift cards are the ideal Birthday or Christmas gift or a little Thank You for someone special. We will be happy to send you the voucher by mail at short notice. Choose between 3 variants for 30,-- 50,-- or 100,-- EURO
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