When Karl Gustav Felix founded his company in Solingen in 1790 no-one could have imagined that three centuries later FELIX knives would be so well known. But let’s start from the beginning …

The Felix family from Solingen was already producing cutlery back in 1790, initially as smithy workers. Karl Gustav Felix learned the art of cutler very quickly and soon concentrated on producing knives – and founded the company Gustav Felix Schneidwarenfabrik. FELIX is one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world. The knives made in Solingen by FELIX are among the best in the world.

When the Swiss Group ZEPTER took over this long-established company in 2012 FELIX was able to secure its production site and the complex traditional knowledge necessary to manufacture its unique knives. ZEPTER produces and sells premium products worldwide – premium household goods too. So FELIX knives and top Solingen products “made by FELIX” are reaching all parts of the world. Future comes from tradition. Karl Gustav Felix would have been pleased.

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