A knife not only has to be sharp, it should also look good. If you love something special, then a Felix knife with laser engraving is just right for you. Whether as a wedding gift with the initials of the bridal couple or with a mandala- make a Felix knife your personal knife. We offer you various patterns to choose from. Shop now. THE LASER ENGRAVING CAN ONLY BE ORDERED IN COMBINATION WITH A KNIFE.

Laser engraving - how to personalise your knife

Felix Solingen stands for first-class knives. But we can do even more! Because anyone who wants to give their knife a personal touch can have it personalised by us with a laser engraving. With the help of a laser, an indestructible and permanent engraving is placed on the blade to show that this knife belongs to you. A great idea, because this way everyone has his own personal favourite knife that he will instantly identify. By the way, also suitable as a gift.

A laser engraving makes every knife unique

We offer you several ways to personalise your knives from Felix Solingen. If you want to show everyone that only you can cut with your knife, then laser engraving with your name is ideal. Your name is engraved on the blade in block letters (Calibri) or in script (Segoe Script) as standard. However, we are also happy to fulfil other wishes with regard to the font, please specify these under remarks. In this case, we will clarify whether the desired laser engraving is possible.

Our laser engraving for weddings is also very popular. The initials of the wedding couple are engraved in the blade steel - a great gift that reminds you of the most beautiful day in your life. Another ornament using laser engraving is the mandala, a diagram with magical significance. We would be happy to provide your favourite knife with your desired laser engraving.

Laser engraving - choose your knife and have it engraved

Browse through our online shop and find your favourite knives with which you would like to prepare tasty dishes in the kitchen in the future. If you would like the knives to be laser engraved, simply select the desired motif and add it to the shopping basket. We will then start to laser engrave your very own knife so that you can soon hold it in your hands and use it.

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