It makes sense to have knives within reach when preparing food - for example in a knife block or on a magnetic knife holder. The shape and material depend on the kitchen furniture, the space available and personal taste. All knife blocks and knife holders are made of high quality materials, easy to clean and durable. Knives need a wooden board as a cutting base to work properly. Why? When used on other materials the knife’’s blade gets blunt – for example on glass, ceramics or marble. High quality blades made from blade steel love wooden boards and thank you for it by keeping sharp for a long time. In addition, wood is more hygienic than plastic. Only high quality tannic and thus anti-bacterial wood is used for FELIX cutting boards.

Magnetic knife block and cutting board - the practical kitchen tools.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows that cooking with high-quality utensils is the most fun. Especially when meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs or other foods have to be cut, excellent knives from Felix Solingen are the perfect choice. For more than 200 years the company has been manufacturing knives, which are among the best in the world. Such knives should not simply disappear in the cutlery drawer.

For this reason, we at Felix Solingen GmbH offer storage facilities that are suitable for the cutting tools. At the same time, it is important to work with the knives on surfaces that protect the high-quality instrument. The right cutting board is an important utensil to ensure that the knives have a long life.

The right cutting board always at your hand

The materials of cutting boards are diverse - as are the preferences. One likes to cut on ceramics, another on marble, yet another prefers glass and very often plastic cutting boards can be found in the kitchen. And then there are the very decorative cutting boards made of wood - and this is exactly what we recommend to our customers again and again. Why? Because wood does not dull the knife blades. Especially with high-quality knives made of blade steel, you will not be happy with other materials. Moreover, wood is much more hygienic than plastic. So treat your knives to solid cutting boards made of oak, walnut & Co. Available of course in our online shop, a visit is worthwhile.

Magnetic knife block - only the best for your knives

Those who cook do not want to spend a long time searching for a suitable knife. Here we recommend our magnet knife block from Felix Solingen. This knife block, which we offer in different designs and optics, fits perfectly into your kitchen and enhances it. And the best thing is: your high-quality knives are always right at your reach. Thanks to the solid workmanship the blocks are stable and store your Solingen knives perfectly. Find the right knife block for your needs in our online shop.

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