Japanese chef's knife with unique sharpness. Sharpness without compromise - the Santoku knife is a Japanese all-purpose knife and due to its special blade shape ideal for cutting vegetables, fish and meat. Choose this knife variant if you want a sharp, versatile all-purpose knife.

"San - Toku" - three virtues combined in one knife.

Santoku is made up of the words "San" and "Toku", which translates as "the three virtues". This can be transferred to the three food groups of meat, fish and vegetables - which you can perfectly cut into the desired size with the Santoku knife.

This particular knife in typical Japanese style is characterized by a wide, relatively long and compact blade and a wide handle. It is equally suitable for beginners and kitchen professionals.

This is what a Santoku knife hand-forged by Felix Solingen offers:

  • ·         light weight
  • ·         wide handle, lies well in the hand
  • ·         high-quality handle materials, e.g. olive wood
  • ·         ergonomic shape thanks to perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         easy handling
  • ·         blade length from 16 to 18 cm
  • ·         15 degree grind on both sides for extra fine cuts

Santoku knives - what are they suitable for?

Santoku knives are true multi-talents when it comes to cutting. They fit perfectly in the hand, as the blade clearly overhangs the handle at the bottom. The cuts can be made particularly precisely with the extremely sharp blade, which is ground on both sides. You can even make very fine, wafer-thin cuts with the Santoku knife, such as for preparing carpaccio or sashimi. With the Santoku knife hand-forged you cut meat, fish and vegetables with pulling and pushing movements. Onions, garlic or herbs can be easily chopped into very small pieces with it.

Felix Solingen - high quality santoku knives made by hand

Felix Solingen is one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world. In about 45 steps we produce handmade Santoku knives for our customers from high-quality raw materials, which promise you durability, flexibility and an extremely precise cutting quality. The blades are also rust-resistant thanks to a sealed surface, the so-called "Pliesten".

When you buy a Santoku knife from us, you are choosing extremely robust blades made of Damascus steel or blade steel. Santoku knives from the Resolute, Absolute ML and First Class series are also equipped with the special Felix scalloped edge, so that food can be easily removed from the blade after cutting and does not stick. This makes them ideal for cutting sushi rolls.

Selected handle materials further enhance the knife design. For example, in the Size S Olive product series, the knife handles are made of light olive wood. The Santoku knife with a handle made of dark smoked oak from the Size S Smoked Oak series looks just as elegant.


Tip: The santoku knife made of damask is an absolute highlight. An attractive model with a blade made of Damascus steel can be found, for example, in the Absolute ML series. This variant is not only very sharp, but also extremely stable. For its exclusive design, this santoku knife Damascus has even received the IF Product Design Award in gold.

Sharpening and caring for Santoku knives

With good care, a high-quality Santoku knife can last a lifetime. Therefore, treat your Santoku knife to a little care session on a regular basis. After use, wash the knife carefully by hand with a sponge and some mild dishwashing liquid. Then polish the hand-forged Santoku knife dry with a soft cloth until it shines beautifully again.

If you notice that the blade becomes duller after some time, it is time to resharpen it. Even high-quality knives lose their original sharpness over the years due to intensive use as well as external influences. We offer a professional sharpening service and re-sharpen your knives according to old tradition on stone at any time free of charge. In order for us to resharpen your Santoku knife, simply send it to our service team. You will receive it back after sharpening with the usual sharpness.

Alternatively, use a professional sharpening rod, sharpening stone or whetstone at home to sharpen your Santoku knife, which you can find in our wide range of sharpening accessories. If the Santoku knife has a wooden handle, regular oiling with Swedish linseed oil is recommended after sharpening the Santoku knife.

Buy high-quality santoku knives at Felix Solingen

Whether as a versatile all-purpose knife for your own kitchen or as a gift - with a Santoku knife from the traditional manufacturer Felix Solingen you make a good decision for a durable product. You can make a Santoku knife even more individual with engraving. Order this for selected knives, such as the mandala design for the Size S Olive series model.

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