MIU stands for young, modern, beautiful, super sharp and, of course, special. Like all FELIX knives, these exceptional knives are made by hand and with great attention to detail. The blade made of traditional Solingen blade steel X50 CrMoV15 guarantees perfect and above all long-lasting sharpness. The modern handle of beautiful walnut wood lies comfortably in the hand and allows easy cutting. The single brass rivet in the middle of the handle is a companion from times gone by and rounds off the special feature of MIU. State-of-the-art meets tradition. The MIU BBQ knife is a special eye-catcher. "The griller's new favourite" is not only used for slicing the perfect steak, it also glides excellently through grilled vegetables and chops herbs by magic. In fact - the perfect Allrounder. MIU - the knife for life...the knife for everyone.

MIU – The BBQ Knife for Professionals

The guests have been invited, the weather is fine, the barbecue meat has been bought - so nothing more stands in the way of the barbecue. It is important that you always have the right tools at hand to prepare everything perfectly. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, we recommend MIU from Felix Solingen, the ideal BBQ knife that lets you reliably cut everything that belongs to a real barbecue. Use it to cut meat, vegetables and, last but not least, herbs to offer your guests a complete package. The professional among the barbecue masters no longer works with several different knives; here, a single BBQ knife called MIU is all you need.

BBQ-Knives - High quality and extraordinary

Felix Solingen always offers you quality knives. MIU - our new BBQ knife - like all our other knives is also handmade and super sharp. The blade is made of Solingen blade steel and offers precise work and long-lasting sharpness. The handle is made of walnut and has brass rivets. This is how modernity and tradition are optimally combined and you not only hold first-class quality in your hands, but also a BBQ knife that is something to be proud of. Use it to cut steaks, spare ribs or poultry as well as all kinds of vegetables. You can also use the BBQ knife to chop herbs that refine dips, salads and sauces. Work like a true professional with MIU, the BBQ knife from Felix Solingen.

BBQ-Knives – MIU, the Allrounder

With MIU you have a BBQ knife that can really do everything. A real allrounder. This BBQ knife is made in proven quality. People have been relying on the high-quality knives from Felix Solingen since 1790 - and nothing has changed. You too can add this great BBQ knife to your collection. And for that little bit extra, why not have it laser engraved - it doesn't get any more personal than that. Also perfect for giving as a gift.

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