Brunch knife - reliable companion. Whether bread, rolls, cakes, cucumbers or tomatoes - with the breakfast knife you can cut everything you want to enjoy at breakfast, brunch or dinner. Thanks to the wide blade shape, you can use it to smear butter, jam as well as cheese and sausage on a wide variety of baked goods. The brunch knife is often also called a brunch knife, vesper knife or bread knife.

For the perfect start to the day

The breakfast knife is a true all-round knife and correspondingly versatile. It can be recognized by its wide, rounded and 10 cm long blade with micro serration, which ensures crumb-free cutting. The small and quite compact knife always lies well in the hand with the handy handle made of easy-care plastic material.


This is what a breakfast knife from Felix Solingen has to offer:

  • ·         light weight
  • ·         crumbless cutting thanks to micro serration
  • ·         handle lies well in the hand
  • ·         robust handle materials, e.g. plastic
  • ·         ergonomic shape thanks to perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         blade length 10 cm
  • ·         easy handling
  • ·         versatile use


Breakfast knives in use

On a richly laid breakfast table as well as at the evening meal, suitable knives for cutting and applying sweet or savory spreads of any kind must not be missing. The blades are also suitable for removing the upper part from the breakfast egg.

When cutting, use suitable cutting boards to protect the blade. Models made of wood are ideal as a base for preparing fruits and vegetables, as well as for cutting cheese and sausage. Our decorative cutting boards ensure that the blades do not become blunt so quickly. The noble boards made of oak, nut tree- or walnut wood are also visually impressive.

Serving tip: Due to the size of our cutting boards, they can be used well for arranging various ingredients. Simply arrange everything decoratively on a board after cutting and place on the set table.

Tip: For larger baked goods such as breads or baguettes, our high-quality bread knives, for example from the First Class Wood series, are alternatively suitable.


High-quality breakfast knives from Felix Solingen

Whether in the color black, green, blue, pink or white - choose one of our breakfast knives in your favorite color. Felix Solingen is one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world and makes all of its products from high-quality raw materials. Trust that with good care, your breakfast knives will last a very long time, won't rust and offer reliable cutting quality. Our breakfast knives are equally suitable for left- and right-handers thanks to the double-sided grind.

Storage tip: Classic brunch knives store well in the cutlery drawer. However, don't stack too many of them in one compartment to preserve the blades.


Care for breakfast knives

Brunch knives don't require any special care. Simply rinsing them with warm dishwater is usually sufficient. A sponge will remove stuck food debris. After cleaning, dry the knives well before putting them back in the cutlery drawer.


Buy high-quality breakfast knives at Felix Solingen

At Felix Solingen, you can opt for high-quality breakfast knives that are visually impressive with a colorful variety of colors and are ideal for cutting and spreading. The handy knives fit for breakfast just as well as for brunch or dinner. Opt for the durable breakfast knives from Felix Solingen if you want to bring a little more color to the table.

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