• CHEF'S KNIFE (20)

    Versatile all-rounder. Do you love cooking and want a reliable knife for a wide variety of ingredients? Whether meat, vegetables or fish - the chef's knife is one of the most important basics in every kitchen. With this practical all-purpose knife, you can prepare everything in no time at all. The special properties of the blade and handle make the chef's knife particularly easy to use.


    Damascus knife - for demanding kitchen professionals. Traditionally forged and extremely durable - with a damask knife, you are choosing a visually very exclusive and technically sophisticated model that you will not want to do without in the kitchen from now on. The high-quality blades are suitable for different knife variants.


    Japanese chef's knife with unique sharpness. Sharpness without compromise - the Santoku knife is a Japanese all-purpose knife and due to its special blade shape ideal for cutting vegetables, fish and meat. Choose this knife variant if you want a sharp, versatile all-purpose knife.

    MEAT KNIFE (8)

    Meat- and carving knife - ideal for portioning. Do you love ham and sausage delicacies cut very finely? With the meat knife you portion various sausages, but also tender pieces of meat according to your ideas. A meat knife is a perfect complement for demanding cooks.
  • KNIFE SET (15)

    Knife sets - for the versatile kitchen. Whether for cutting, chopping, filleting or peeling - multi-piece knife sets offer you different types of knives for quite diverse kitchen tasks. Choose a versatile knife set if you want to equip your kitchen with professional tools. Felix Solingen offers knife sets in various combinations.


    From now on, cut your bread and other foods with a crispy crust only with a high-quality bread knife. The unique serrated edge and the high quality of the bread knives from the range of the traditional manufacturer Felix Solingen guarantee you a reliable and durable product that can give you pleasure for a very long time with good care.

    STEAK KNIFE (14)

    A must for real meat fans. How about a juicy steak again at the BBQ with friends? With its very slim blade in serrated or smooth design, the steak knife is ideal for cutting firm meat.


    Healthy ingredients perfectly in shape. Do you love vegetables in all their varieties? Then a high-quality paring knife is one of the absolute basics for your kitchen. With it, you can cut soft and hard vegetables, but also fruit into pieces. The knife has a very special shape, thanks to which it is especially suitable for cutting and peeling vegetables.

    Brunch knife - reliable companion. Whether bread, rolls, cakes, cucumbers or tomatoes - with the breakfast knife you can cut everything you want to enjoy at breakfast, brunch or dinner. Thanks to the wide blade shape, you can use it to smear butter, jam as well as cheese and sausage on a wide variety of baked goods. The brunch knife is often also called a brunch knife, vesper knife or bread knife.


    For the best of fish and meat. Do you prefer fish without bones and meat preferably without skin and tendons? With the extra sharp filleting knife, also called filleting knife, you can easily cut the best piece. This knife is ideal for you if you like to prepare the best of fish and meat.

    CHOP KNIFE (2)

    Cleaver - powerfully through flesh and bone. This is the knife for cutting meat and bones. The cleaver is exactly the right knife if you want to process meat in one piece and cut it up effortlessly, including the bones. Thanks to its typical shape and high dead weight, the chopper is ideal for powerful use - even professional chefs swear by this extremely effective kitchen helper.


    Versatile and universal. You want a knife for everything? Then the classic universal knife, also called an all-purpose knife, is the right choice. With this practical all-round knife, you can prepare a wide variety of ingredients for further processing. The compact shape and not too long blade make the universal knife extra handy and ideal for everyday use in the kitchen.
  • SALE (29)

    Only for a short time and only while stocks last Outlet items + seasonal items at top prices. Here you will find the high quality articles from Felix Solingen GmbH at extraordinarily low prices. These are products that we take out of our assortment or short-term seasonal offers - of course in proven Felix quality.
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