Damascus knife - for demanding kitchen professionals. Traditionally forged and extremely durable - with a damask knife, you are choosing a visually very exclusive and technically sophisticated model that you will not want to do without in the kitchen from now on. The high-quality blades are suitable for different knife variants.

Blades made of Damascus steel - robust and durable

Whether chef's knife, Santoku knife, preparation knife or steak knife - with a blade made of Damascus steel, all variants become particularly durable and exclusive knives. A Damascus knife can be recognized by its distinctive blade pattern, which is created in the manufacturing process by folding the Damascus steel several times. The blade is usually rather wide, flexible and very stable for easy handling. The shape of the blade varies depending on the knife variant. Due to the extreme stability and noble appearance, damask knives are not only popular with demanding hobby kitchens, but are also used in professional kitchens. Thanks to the ergonomic handles, the damask knives lie well in the hand.

This is what a damask knife hand-forged by Felix Solingen offers:

  • ·         high-quality appearance
  • ·         varying lengths and blade tips depending on the knife model
  • ·         typical blade design thanks to multiple folded steel
  • ·         stable handle, lies well in the hand
  • ·         high-quality handle materials, e.g. plastic or olive wood
  • ·         perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         easy handling
  • ·         extremely stable and corrosion resistant
  • ·         15 degree grind on both sides

High quality damask knives handmade

The royal class among knives may not be missing in the assortment of Felix Solingen, of course. As one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world, Felix Solingen produces various damask knives that you will enjoy for a lifetime. What is special here is the extremely robust material, which consists of 130 layers of damask steel in these knives. Damascus knives are made by hand with a forge hammer and anvil in a coal forge fire or gas oven. The manufacturing process is very elaborate and is based on the millennia-old forging technique that is also used for traditional Japanese Samurai swords. The result is high-quality knives with a blade that is extremely hard, very sharp and at the same time flexible, making it suitable for a variety of uses.


From chef's knives to steak knives

Felix Solingen has an entire knife series with blades made of damask in its range. The Sirius series includes a variety of damask knives that are among the basics in the kitchen, including, for example, the chef's knife, Santoku knife or steak knife. Sirius knives are not only technically convincing, but they are also visually a real highlight in your kitchen. The handles are made of easy-care and robust maple wood.

With its 16 cm long, very wide blade, the Sirius kitchen knife is ideal for everyday kitchen tasks. You can use it to cut sausage and cheese, fruit and vegetables or chop herbs, onions and garlic. It can even be used to cut fish and meat into bite-sized portions. The blade is also suitable for cleaning and filleting. As a true all-round knife, it also serves as an alternative to a paring knife.

The Sirius chef's knife with a 20 cm long blade tapered to a point at the front is also an all-purpose Damascus knife that you can use for a variety of tasks in the kitchen. You can use it to effortlessly cut meat, vegetables or fish, but chop and weigh onions, garlic and herbs just as well.

If you like to serve your guests juicy steaks, we recommend our Sirius series steak knife, which, with its pointed, narrow, extra-sharp blade with a serrated edge, ensures that no meat juice escapes when cutting.

Ideal for breakfast and dinner, on the other hand, is the Sirius „Buckel“ knife. With its bulbous blade shape, this damask knife is ideal for cutting bread and rolls and spreading butter and spreads.

Sharpening and caring for damask knives

High-quality damask knives go through an elaborate manufacturing process and are correspondingly valuable. To make it last a lifetime, clean it exclusively by hand and only with a mild detergent. Subsequent dry rubbing with a soft cloth as well as oiling the wooden handle ensures a beautiful shine.

If the sharpness decreases over time, we recommend our professional sharpening service. You are welcome to send us your Damascus knife at any time and free of charge so that we can regrind it on stone according to old tradition. Afterwards we will send it back to you. With such high-quality knives, regrinding at home is only possible with a lot of experience. Use only professional sharpening accessories.

Buy high quality damask knives

With a Damascus knife, you are choosing the absolute top class among all our knives. The extreme hardness and durability thanks to numerous layers of hand-forged damask steel are ideal if you want only the best knives and a noble look for your kitchen. Felix Solingen also has the right accessories for storing, caring for and sharpening damask knives in its range.

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