For the best of fish and meat. Do you prefer fish without bones and meat preferably without skin and tendons? With the extra sharp filleting knife, also called filleting knife, you can easily cut the best piece. This knife is ideal for you if you like to prepare the best of fish and meat.

Reliable kitchen helper with extra sharpness

The filleting knife can be recognized by its slim, pointed blade. This is slightly longer at 16 to 18 cm, extra sharp and therefore extremely effective in use. This knife variant has a sturdy, not too thick handle and thus lies very well in the hand. The special feature of the filleting knife: The blade is slightly flexible and thus flexibly adapts to the tissue of fish or meat during filleting. High-quality handle materials and an optimally balanced blade with a double-sided grind make handling even easier.


This is what a filleting knife from Felix Solingen has to offer:

  • ·         slim blade, pointed at the front
  • ·         very sharp blade
  • ·         handle lies well in the hand
  • ·         high-quality handle materials, e.g. olive wood
  • ·         perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         blade length from 16 to 18 cm
  • ·         15 degree grind on both sides
  • ·         safe handling

What is the filleting knife suitable for?

Whether beef, pork, chicken or fish - the filleting knife is mainly used for processing fish and meat. With it, you can free the finest fish fillets from bothersome bones or meat from tendons and skin for optimal enjoyment. You can even use the filleting knife to make wafer-thin slices, for example to prepare fine carpaccio or fresh sushi. Citrus fruit fillets can also be cleanly removed from the peel thanks to the flexible blade, for example for preparing desserts with oranges.

High-quality filleting knives from Felix Solingen

In one of the world's oldest knife manufactories, the filleting knives that are so important for the kitchen equipment of amateur and professional chefs cannot be missing. This knife is handmade at Felix Solingen in about 45 steps and only from selected raw materials. The high-quality knives not only look very elegant, but also impress with their durability and precise cutting quality. The so-called "plating" even makes the blades corrosion-resistant.

One of the most popular filleting knives from Felix Solingen is a model from the First Class series. The thin and flexible blade glides easily through fish and meat during filleting. The easy-care and robust plastic handle ensures an optimal and secure grip. Extremely flexible is the knife with forged blade, which is made of very high quality X50 CrMoV15 blade steel.

Tip: Take a look at our range of meat knives and choppers, which are also suitable for preparing meat.

Safe storage

The extra-sharp filleting knives can be hung visually very stylishly on one of our magnetic knife bars. Suitable for wall mounting, the bar gives you direct access to different types of knives that you use regularly in the kitchen. Alternatively, our stylish leather knife bag is suitable for storage.

Proper care of fillet knives

If you take proper care of your fillet knife, it can provide a lifetime of pleasure. After use, clean it with warm rinse water, a sponge and a soft cloth for drying are helpful. Like all Felix Solingen knives, the filleting knife should never be put in the dishwasher. Models with wooden handles are given a particularly beautiful shine by oiling with Swedish linseed oil.

Re-sharpening - for optimum safety

Precise sharpness is particularly important when filleting. If the knife becomes dull over time, the risk of injury increases because you are working with too much pressure. Regular resharpening is therefore important for proper and safe use. If you already have experience with this, regrinding at home is possible with our grinding accessories (e.g. grinding stone or sharpening rod).

Alternatively, use our professional and free sharpening service to resharpen your fillet knife on stone according to the old tradition. Feel free to send it to our service team at any time - after a short time you will receive it back freshly sharpened.

Buy high-quality filleting knives at Felix Solingen

Whether fish or meat - no fillet will turn out as perfectly as with a fillet knife. Felix Solingen offers you a variety of high-quality knives as well as the accessories necessary for care, storage and sharpening for the perfect kitchen equipment.

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