Cleaver - powerfully through flesh and bone. This is the knife for cutting meat and bones. The cleaver is exactly the right knife if you want to process meat in one piece and cut it up effortlessly, including the bones. Thanks to its typical shape and high dead weight, the chopper is ideal for powerful use - even professional chefs swear by this extremely effective kitchen helper.

Robust, effective and safe

The cleaver is easy to recognize thanks to its characteristic shape. Typical is the thick cutting blade with a robust grind that easily penetrates meat and bones. Unlike many other knife models, the blade is sturdy rather than sharp. The weight of the cleaver is comparatively high, which allows for a sweeping blow and easy cutting. The comparatively long handle always lies securely and comfortably in the hand.


Cleaver from Felix Solingen - features and advantages:

  • ·         high dead weight
  • ·         very stable, cuts meat, cartilage and bones effortlessly
  • ·         wide blade
  • ·         robust, double-sided grinding
  • ·         wide handle, fits securely in the hand
  • ·         high-quality handle materials
  • ·         perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         easy handling
  • ·         blade length of 16 cm


A cleaver is suitable for this purpose

You need a chopper if you want to prepare whole animals fresh and cut meat in one piece for this purpose, including very hard structures (cartilage and bones). Large pieces of meat or ribs and chops, for example, can be quickly and safely cut into the desired shape with one stroke of the chopping knife. Even cutting up poultry such as chicken, turkey, goose or duck works easily with a cleaver.


The cleaver in use

Unlike a classic kitchen knife, you don't cut meat with the cleaver by moving it back and forth. With the chopper, you guide the blade in a sweeping motion from above onto the cutting material. The application is similar to that of a cleaver. Because of its rough use, the chipper is often used in the meat processing industry as well as in food service operations.

It is important that you work with the necessary momentum and do not proceed too tentatively. Always ensure your safety when using the chopper to cut up meat.


Felix Solingen high-quality chopping knives from the professionals

As one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world, we offer our customers only the highest quality cleavers made from the best materials. Stability, safety and an ergonomic design combine here with durability, so that you can still have the knife in use after many years with good care.

You can find a reliable chopper with a 16 cm blade at Felix Solingen, for example, in the First Class Wood series. This chopper is equipped with a beautiful wooden handle made of light olive wood, which comes from Andalusia. Alternatively, this chipper is available in the First Class series with a robust and very easy to clean plastic handle.


Proper care and sharpening of the chipper

To ensure that your chipper lasts a long time, good care is important. After use, depending on the degree of soiling, rinsing with clear water or rubbing with a soft sponge is sufficient. Carefully polish the cleaver dry after cleaning to prevent water spots from forming. For all models with a wooden handle, we recommend oiling with Swedish linseed oil. This will quickly restore the shine to the handle.

Precise sharpness is less important for a cleaver. The blade is very robust and can be used for a long time. However, with frequent use, small nicks sometimes form even on choppers and should be removed. If you notice that the application becomes more difficult, a regrinding of the blade is recommended. Feel free to use our free, professional sharpening service for this at any time by simply sending us the chopper and getting it back freshly sharpened. Classic sharpening accessories are not suitable for refurbishing chippers.


Buy high-quality chippers at Felix Solingen

Decide for a Felix Solingen chipper if you frequently want to process meat in the piece with bones and gristly tissue in your kitchen. As a base, we recommend one of our robust and very thick wooden cutting boards. For storage, our magnetic bars are also suitable, which you simply attach to the wall. So you have the most important kitchen knives always at hand.

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