Accessories - versatile helpers in the kitchen Whether for grilling, cooking or frying - with the right accessories you will succeed in all dishes with ease. From barbecue tongs and barbecue apron for a nice BBQ to herb scissors and herb knife, everything is here. Add useful accessories to your kitchen if you want to be prepared for all occasions in the kitchen or for the next barbecue party.

Everything for barbecuing with friends

Barbecuing together in the garden is simply part of summer for you? Equip yourself with the right barbecue accessories from Felix Solingen. Sausages, grilled vegetables or steaks are always under control, for example with our sturdy beech wood barbecue tongs with recessed grip. The wood is oiled for longer durability. The milled grooves at the front end allow you easy handling.

At Felix Solingen you can get the barbecue tongs S with a length of 30 cm. Alternatively, however, the tongs are also available in sizes M and L, each with a length of 48 and 60 cm. The longer models are suitable for large grills, where you need to keep more distance from the grate due to the enormous heat development.

To prevent the fat spraying from the grill from soiling your clothes, we recommend wearing a sturdy grill apron. For example, our cowhide leather barbecue apron is ideal for ambitious barbecue masters. The easy-care and durable leather material is flame-retardant and thus provides you with optimal protection in the event of flying sparks.

Versatile kitchen shears

In the kitchen, many things need to be cut quickly and safely. In addition to a knife, our kitchen scissors are suitable for this purpose. With the 20 cm long, stainless kitchen shears from Felix Solingen or the slightly longer version, you are opting for a high-quality, easy-care product that promises long durability.

The scissors feature a stainless steel cutting edge that can even finely cut herbs. With the bottle opener integrated into the non-slip handle, you can easily open all twist-off caps of your favorite beverages. The detachable scissor sides also make it easy for you to clean by hand.

Herb knife - for nuts, seeds and herbs

Chopping herbs - this works best with a special herb knife. But this versatile knife variant can do even more: chop nuts or seeds.

With a herb knife from Felix Solingen, such as the 15 cm Gloria Lux herb knife, you equip your kitchen with another quality product from Felix Solingen. The typical rounded blade shape is ideal for using to weigh herbs and chop them very finely.

Felix Solingen - buy high quality accessories

At Felix Solingen you get selected accessories for your kitchen in the usual high quality. As one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world, we not only produce an extensive range of different knives for our customers, but also practical kitchen accessories. For example, use our grill tongs, kitchen scissors, herb knives or other useful products to optimally equip your kitchen.

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