Knife sets - for the versatile kitchen. Whether for cutting, chopping, filleting or peeling - multi-piece knife sets offer you different types of knives for quite diverse kitchen tasks. Choose a versatile knife set if you want to equip your kitchen with professional tools. Felix Solingen offers knife sets in various combinations.

The right knife set for every requirement

A knife set contains several different or identical models. A set is ideal for you if you want to equip your kitchen with high-quality knives and do not want to buy them all individually. With a combination of the most important knife variants, you get everything you need to prepare fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.


This is what a knife set from Felix Solingen offers:

  • ·         high-quality blades
  • ·         noble and easy-care handle materials, e.g. olive wood or plastic
  • ·         ergonomic shape
  • ·         perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         easy handling
  • ·         variable blade length
  • ·         double sided sharpening

The right knife set for beginners and professionals

If you buy your first professional knife set, a set with two or three pieces is often a good start. It contains the most important knives such as a chef's knife and a lard knife, plus a good meat knife. With this three-piece knife set, you can prepare the most important ingredients in the kitchen in no time. Even more specialized are sets with five different knife variants, in which, for example, a bread knife, vegetable knife or BBQ knife is included.

Felix Solingen - high quality knife sets of the extra class

Felix Solingen is one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world - durability, rust resistance and precise cutting quality are a matter of course for our products.

An ideal beginner set can be found in the series First Class Wood. This 3-piece knife set consists of a larding knife, preparation knife and utility knife, which will help you with the most important kitchen tasks.

Would you like to serve your guests a delicious steak? For this, steak knives in a set of 4 from the series First Class Wood and Size S Olive with a light handle made of olive wood or from the series Size S Smoked Oak with a handle made of dark smoked oak are the right choice. Alternatively, the set is also available with a plastic handle in the First Class series. A set of six steak knives, on the other hand, can be found in the Miu series, which looks very classy with its special blade shape. We also have the steak sets of the Miu series in a matching set of 4.

Magnetic knife block or knife bag?

Steak knives fit in any cutlery drawer. However, steak knives stored in knife blocks and knife pockets will last much longer. Our knife blocks and knife bags are used to store a wide variety of knives in a safe and visually appealing way. Both products are available empty or already filled with a knife set.

For example, the 6-piece Size S Olive Magnetic Knife Block Set or Size S Smoked Oak Magnetic Knife Block Set, each of which contains a lard knife, preparation knife, chef's knife (18 cm), Santoku knife and bread knife. In the Miu series knife bag made of genuine cowhide you will find the five most important knives of the product series. A paring knife, chef's knife, BBQ knife and a bread and preparation knife each.

Sharpen and care for knife sets

Always keep your knife set clean and dry. After each use, rinsing with a little warm dishwater and drying with a soft kitchen towel is recommended. Maintain wooden handles with Swedish linseed oil to make them shiny again.

In case of decreasing sharpness, we recommend our professional sharpening service, which is available to you at any time and free of charge. Send us your knife set, we will sharpen it on stone according to old tradition and send it back to you. We also have professional sharpening rods, sharpening stones or whetstones in our assortment, but regrinding is only recommended with the necessary experience.

Buy high quality knife sets at Felix Solingen

Whichever knife set you choose, with the products from the traditional manufacturer Felix Solingen you are making a good choice for very durable, corrosion-resistant and reliable knives in any case. The small sets are ideal for beginners. Larger knife sets are suitable for hobby and professional chefs who want to supplement their equipment with additional professional kitchen tools.

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