Meat- and carving knife - ideal for portioning. Do you love ham and sausage delicacies cut very finely? With the meat knife you portion various sausages, but also tender pieces of meat according to your ideas. A meat knife is a perfect complement for demanding cooks.

Cut meat and sausage wafer-thin

As an alternative to the classic chef's knife, many amateur and professional chefs use a meat- and carving knife. This convinces with a very precise sharpness as well as a long and narrow blade. The special blade shape of the meat knife ensures that the cut edges turn out extra smooth and nothing sticks to the blade during cutting.


This is what a meat- and carving knife from Felix Solingen offers:

  • ·         narrow, long and very sharp blade
  • ·         slightly curved shape and tip (ideal for lifting sausage and meat)
  • ·         handle lies well in the hand
  • ·         high quality handle materials
  • ·         perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         easy handling
  • ·         blade length of 21 cm
  • ·         15 degree grind on both sides


Meat- and carving knife - what is it suitable for?

Whether for carving roasts, cutting steaks and the finest Serrano ham or preparing a carpaccio - with the meat- and carving knife you will succeed in making a precise cut with all ingredients. You can even use it to cut fish wafer-thin, such as for making sashimi. With this knife you cut everything in the desired thickness, smooth and precise cut edges are always the result. The meat knife is ideal not only for demanding hobby chefs, but also for use in the catering and hotel industry, where buffets should be visually appealing.


High-quality meat knife from Felix Solingen

The long and resistant blade is what makes our meat knives stand out. As one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world, we also place great value on genuine craftsmanship with great attention to detail and a visually appealing design. The use of high-quality raw materials promises you longevity. Also the sealed surface by the so-called "Plisten" makes our knives resistant to corrosion and scratches.


Among the absolute favorites among the meat- and carving knives are models from the series First Class Wood, in which all knives are equipped with a shapely handle made of Andalusian olive wood. The variant from the Size S Olive series or the meat knife from the Size S Smoked Oak series with a handle made of dark smoked oak are also very elegant. Alternatively, the meat knife in the First Class series is also available with a plastic handle.

Tip: As an alternative to the meat knife, a santoku knife or filleting knife is suitable for preparing meat.


Storage options

Particularly sharp knives do not belong in a simple cutlery drawer. In a magnetic knife bar you store the meat knife safely and visually appealing. This bar is simply installed on the wall and offers space for several knives. Thus, the most important kitchen knives are always at hand. Alternatively, it is worth investing in a high-quality leather bag for storage. A total of five knives fit in our leather knife bag made of the finest cowhide.


Sharpen and care for meat knives

Maintain your meat- and carving knives regularly to enjoy them for a lifetime. Simply rinsing them with warm dishwater is usually sufficient. For coarser dirt, a soft sponge is suitable. Then dry the knife with a soft kitchen towel. If the shine of the wooden handle wears off over time, we recommend oiling it with our Swedish linseed oil.

Every blade becomes duller over time with intensive use. This is also true for our high quality knives. Feel free to take advantage of our professional sharpening service to help your knife regain its sharpness. This service is free of charge and available at any time. Simply send us your knife. After a few days you will receive it back fresh and sharpened on stone according to the old tradition.

You already have experience with sharpening blades? Use our professional sharpening accessories to sharpen your meat knife yourself. You can choose from professional sharpening rods and whetstones as well as whetstones for resharpening knife blades.

Buy high-quality meat knives at Felix Solingen

At Felix Solingen, you can get meat- and carving knives with a particularly high cutting resistance and sharpness, which you can enjoy for a very long time if you take good care of them. This knife variant is ideal for you if you want to cut sausage and meat products or fish either wafer-thin or finger-thick. 

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