Cut crusty bread and rolls effortlessly. Do you love crusty bread from the bakery? The full flavor comes out best when you cut the bread just before eating it. With a high-quality bread knife you can do this effortlessly, as it is equipped with a very special blade.

Distinctive feature serrated edge

The bread knife is easily recognizable by its very long, wide blade with the typical serrated edge. This grind ensures that the knife easily penetrates even very hard crusts and cuts fine slices without any effort at all. The long blade makes it easier for you to cut precisely, as only a few forward and backward movements are required. It is ideal for breads with a hard crust and soft interior, as the surface does not crack during cutting.

Bread knife from Felix Solingen - Features

  • ·         long, wide blade with serrated edge
  • ·         wide, ergonomic handle - fits comfortably in the hand
  • ·         high-quality handle materials, e.g. smoked oak or olive wood
  • ·         perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         blade length from 22 to 26 cm
  • ·         15 degree grind
  • ·         easy handling


Bread knife - what is it suitable for?

With the bread knife you cut everything that has a firm crust. This includes not only bread and rolls. Thanks to the extra-long blade, the bread knife is also suitable for cutting large fruits and vegetables, such as melon or pumpkin. Thanks to the unique serrated edge, the knife glides effortlessly through the crisp, hard casing without crushing the soft interior. Whether wafer-thin or thick slices - with the bread knife you decide individually which result is right.

Tip: For slicing bread rolls, our versatile breakfast knives are alternatively suitable.

High-quality bread knives from the traditional company Felix Solingen

With a bread knife from Felix Solingen you make the choice for a very durable product from one of the oldest knife manufactories in the world. Here, knives are still produced in real manual labor and in many small steps. The best raw materials and a lot of experience in knife production are used. You will receive from us a bread knife with precise cutting quality and made of rust-resistant materials for a long life.

The high-quality and extremely sharp blades also become a visual highlight thanks to noble wooden handles. How about, for example, a dark handle made of smoked oak from the Size S Smoked Oak series. In the First Class Wood product series, you can get a short version of the bread knife with a length of 22 cm as well as the Italian version with a length of 26 cm and a rounded tip. In the Size S Olive series, the handles are also made of light olive wood.


A handle made of noble walnut wood with brass rivets offers, for example, the Miu bread knife - a particularly noble variant with an unusual blade shape. If you prefer an easy-care and robust plastic handle, we recommend a model from the Resolute or Firstclass series.

Proper care and storage of bread knives

A quality knife from Felix Solingen will remain visually appealing for longer if you clean and care for it well after each use and store it safely. For cleaning, we recommend rinsing by hand with a little warm water. Dirt can be removed more easily with a soft sponge. Afterwards, rub the knife dry with a soft cloth and store it in a safe place. In addition to the classic cutlery drawer, the bread knife fits very well in the magnetic bar attached to the wall, for example, made of dark walnut wood.

Care tip for wooden handles: The wood of the knife handles quickly gets its old shine back with Swedish linseed oil. Simply rub some oil into the wood with a cloth and then polish well.

Have them professionally resharpened

When it comes to bread knives, re-sharpening at home is not recommended, as the serrated blade may only be processed with a special tool. If you notice that your bread knife becomes duller with time, our professional sharpening service is available to you at any time and of course free of charge. Simply send in your bread knife for resharpening and you will receive it back in its usual sharpness after only a short time.

Buy high-quality bread knives at Felix Solingen

From now on, only cut your bread and other foods with a crispy crust with a high-quality bread knife. The unique serrated edge and the high quality of the knives from the traditional manufacturer Felix Solingen guarantee you a reliable and very durable product that can give you pleasure for a very long time if well cared for.

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