A must for real meat fans. How about a juicy steak again at the BBQ with friends? With its very slim blade in serrated or smooth design, the steak knife is ideal for cutting firm meat.

Cut steaks effortlessly and cleanly

You can recognize a steak knife by its slender blade, which is pointed at the front. Some variants are provided with a saw grind in the front blade area. Depending on the model, it is between 11 and 12 long, so that even larger steaks can be cut comfortably. Thanks to the precise cutting quality and the relatively wide handle, cutting firm meat is very easy and requires little effort without crushing it. With its high cutting resistance and sharpness, this knife ensures that no meat juice escapes during cutting.

This is what a steak knife from Felix Solingen offers:

  • ·         slim, pointed blade
  • ·         wide handle
  • ·         slightly serrated saw blade or smooth cutting edge
  • ·         high-quality handle materials, e.g. maple wood
  • ·         perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         blade length from 11 to 12 cm
  • ·         ground on both sides or saw edge
  • ·         easy handling
  • ·         Steak knives - when is it worth it?

Whether rare, medium or well done - with the steak knife, cutting any steak is effortless. While it is hardly worthwhile for predominantly vegetarian cuisine, the steak knife is definitely worth investing in for meat-based cuisine. After all, a good steak can only be cut easily with a high-quality steak knife. Simple table knives, on the other hand, require more force and easily destroy the meat fibers.

Tip: You can get our steak knives in practical sets for several people, for example as a 4-piece steak knife set from the First Class series.

Felix Solingen - high-quality steak knives

At Felix Solingen, you get high-quality steak knives from one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacture of our knives. Genuine craftsmanship, a precise cutting quality, a lot of attention to detail and the focus on a noble design are very important to us. Our customers have long relied on our durable and reliable knives, which are rust-resistant and, with good care and regular sharpening, will last a lifetime.

Our products with wooden handles are particularly elegant, such as the Miu steak knife with a handle made of dark walnut wood and a special blade shape. The steak knife with a blade made of damask steel and a handle made of maple wood from the Sirius product series is extra sturdy.

In the slightly Mediterranean-looking product series First Class Wood and Size S Olive, the knife handles are made of Andalusian olive wood. A dark handle made of smoked oak, on the other hand, can be found in the Size S Smoked Oak series. In the range you will also find steak knives with a handle made of easy-care plastic. For example, in the First Class series with a smooth 12 cm blade.

Saw-ground or smooth blade?

Steak knives differ in their blade grind. For example, there are models with a typical saw grind such as the 12 cm long model from the First Class Wood series. With the slightly serrated blade and the special saw grind, even very thick steaks of firm meat can be cut easily and without effort. Alternatively, you will find numerous steak knives in the Felix Solingen range with a smoothly ground blade on both sides, such as a model from the Size S Smoked Oak series.

Care for and resharpen steak knives

Even high-quality knives from Felix Solingen will only last a lifetime if you take good care of them and resharpen them when their sharpness begins to wane. A sponge and some warm rinsing water are sufficient for cleaning. Then carefully rub the knife dry with a soft cloth.

In order not to lose the original sharpness during intensive use, resharpening is necessary from time to time. Our sharpening service will be happy to do this for you at any time and free of charge if you send us your steak knife. In our grinding accessories you will find suitable tools with which you can resharpen steak knives with a smooth blade yourself if you have the necessary experience. For steak knives with a serrated edge, we recommend only our professional sharpening service.

Care tip: Steak knives with wooden handles will shine like new again if you oil and polish the wood with Swedish linseed oil from time to time.

Buy high-quality steak knives - at Felix Solingen

For true steak fans, high-quality steak knives with or without a serrated edge should not be missing from the cutlery drawer. The traditional manufacturer Felix Solingen offers steak knives in various designs and even as a practical set for guests. The noble knives can be stored, for example, in a beautiful leather knife bag.

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