Versatile and universal. You want a knife for everything? Then the classic universal knife, also called an all-purpose knife, is the right choice. With this practical all-round knife, you can prepare a wide variety of ingredients for further processing. The compact shape and not too long blade make the universal knife extra handy and ideal for everyday use in the kitchen.

Compact, handy and light

The universal knife combines the advantages of the cooking and paring knife in one product. You can easily recognize it by its relatively narrow blade, which tapers to a point at the front and is comparatively short in length at 15 to 16.5 cm. Compared to the chef's knife, it has a narrower blade, but it is thicker and stiffer than the fillet knife.


Thanks to its special blade geometry, the universal knife can be used as a classic utility knife and is well suited for everyday use. Instead of buying a whole set of different models, the universal knife can be a practical alternative for you.


Universal knife from Felix Solingen - Features

  • ·         very versatile
  • ·         narrow, compact blade
  • ·         blade length from 15 to 16.5 cm
  • ·         15 degree grind on both sides
  • ·         low weight
  • ·         perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         high-quality handle materials, e.g. walnut wood
  • ·         lies well in the hand
  • ·         easy handling

What is the universal knife suitable for?

The small, compact knife is ideal for everyday kitchen tasks for which you do not want to use extra-large knives. In the kitchen, the universal knife is used not only for cutting fruit and vegetables. It can also be used for chopping herbs, onions and garlic. It cuts sausage and cheese just as reliably as fish and white meat into small portions. The blade is even suitable for cleaning and filleting. As a true all-rounder, it also serves as an alternative to a paring knife.


Tip: For cutting firm meat or very large portions, we recommend other knife variants, for example the chef's knife or Santoku knife.

High-quality universal knives from Felix Solingen

As one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world, we offer our customers an extensive range of products - produced by hand in a multitude of steps and using only the best raw materials. The precise cutting quality, durable materials and a high-quality design are very important to us. All blades are ground on both sides and sealed by the so-called "Pliesten", so that they are permanently corrosion-resistant.

Among the most popular models in the category of universal knives are models from the Resolute and First Class series, which convince with easy-care and ergonomic plastic handles. Natural wooden handles, on the other hand, can be found in the First Class Wood, Size S Olive and Size S Smoked Oak series - each made of high-quality olive wood from Andalusia or dark smoked oak.

Special blade shapes

Deviating from the pointed blade shape are two models of our universal knives from the Sirius and Miu series. Unlike the pointed knives, the blade here is cut straight at the front. Very high quality and robust is the Sirius universal knife Damascus, where the blade is made of 130 layers of Damascus steel and the handle is made of sturdy plastic. The handle of the Miu universal knife is made of fine walnut wood. Visually striking, this looks through brass rivets integrated into the handle.

For safe storage

For storage, our stylish knife blocks or magnetic knife strips are suitable, which you simply attach to the wall and thus have your knives always at hand. For knives that you rarely use, there is the high-quality leather knife bag.

Proper care and sharpening of universal knives

High-quality universal knives from Felix Solingen are best cleaned by hand in warm rinse water and dried with a soft cloth. If your model has a wooden handle, it gets a great shine with a little linseed oil.

The knife blade becomes increasingly dull with regular and intensive use? At Felix Solingen, a free sharpening service is available to you at any time. To do so, simply send us your knife and we will return it to you when we are finished re-sharpening it. Our professional sharpening service always sharpens universal knives on stone according to old tradition. Alternatively, you can find various tools for resharpening in the sharpening accessories, for example a sharpening rod or whetstone.

Buy universal knives at Felix Solingen

At least one high-quality universal knife belongs in every kitchen. With knives from Felix Solingen, you are choosing particularly durable products that are made using traditional techniques. Matching wooden cutting boards or various products for safe storage of your universal knives complete the diverse range of knives.

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