FELIX knives are sharp and stay that way for a long time. Depending on how often it is used, the sharpness of the blade diminishes in time. Professional and hobby cooks sharpen their knives briefly before and after use, that is: they regularly grind their knives. Even amateurs can do this successfully, with a little practice. Of course you can send us your FELIX-knives any time for sharpening. This service is inexpensive and ensures that your knives are like new after sharpening.

Sharpening steel- for sharp knives also in your kitchen

There's nothing worse than a dull knife. Because there's nothing you can do with it. No cutting tool is immune to blunting. It depends on how often you use it and what you cut with it. A knife that is subjected to high stress must then be sharpened from time to time with a sharpening steel to keep the cutting functionality high. In other words, whether the knife becomes blurred has nothing to do with its quality. However, you can recognize the quality by when the knife loses its sharpness and whether it can be resharpened. Only the best quality steel will allow a knife to be resharpened without any problems. The knives from Felix Solingen are sharp for a long time. Very long. But not permanently. And that is why we recommend a sharpening steel with which you can quickly restore the sharpness.

Resharpen your knives with a sharpening steel

If you notice that your knives are slowly losing their sharpness, then it is high time to take out the sharpening stick. To sharpen, place the knife on the sharpening steel at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees and pull it along the sharpening steel from top to bottom without much pressure. Make sure that you move the knife from the inside out so that the entire cutting surface is resharpened. Then remove the residue with a damp cloth.

To test whether the knife is sharp again, take a sheet of paper under tension and cut through the sheet with the knife. If this produces a clean cut, then you have done everything correctly.

Order sharpening steel in the online shop

As you can see, it is child's play and even with high-quality knives you should always have a sharpening stick at hand. In our online shop you will find sharpening sticks with diamond coating, but also a ceramic sharpening stick that will make your knives look like new again. So when you order knives, make sure you have the necessary tools at hand.

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