Versatile all-rounder. Do you love cooking and want a reliable knife for a wide variety of ingredients? Whether meat, vegetables or fish - the chef's knife is one of the most important basics in every kitchen. With this practical all-purpose knife, you can prepare everything in no time at all. The special properties of the blade and handle make the chef's knife particularly easy to use.

The chef's knife as a creative all-purpose kitchen helper

Typical of this knife variant are the forward-tapered tip and knife edge, the wide and somewhat longer blade shape and the comparatively somewhat higher weight. This allows you to cut even hard ingredients effortlessly and without force. The double-sided grind and the sturdy, ergonomically shaped handle provide additional support during use.

Precise cutting of vegetables, meat and fish is easy thanks to the optimal balance of handle and blade as well as the rather wide blade blade. Even onions and herbs can be chopped very finely with the chef's knife. This knife variant is the ideal choice if you want a knife that is as versatile as possible for cutting, chopping or weighing.


This is what a Felix Solingen chef's knife offers you:

  • ·         Slightly curved and relatively wide blade
  • ·         Blade narrows towards the tip
  • ·         blade length 15 to 21 cm
  • ·         higher dead weight for powerful cutting technique
  • ·         high-quality handle materials, e.g. plastic, smoked oak, maple wood
  • ·         perfectly balanced blade
  • ·         precise cuts thanks to 15 degree grind on both sides
  • ·         easy handling
  • ·         universally applicable

Reliable chef's knives from the traditional manufacturer Felix Solingen

With a chef's knife from Felix Solingen, you are choosing a high-quality product from one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world. Genuine craftsmanship, a multitude of small steps and selected high-quality raw materials make the knives from Felix Solingen durable and reliable knives that you will enjoy for a lifetime. With extremely precise cutting quality and rust-resistant materials, all knife series from Felix Solingen are convincing.

Some Felix Solingen chef's knives are equipped with noble wooden handles. For example, the Miu chef's knife offers a handle made of fine walnut wood with brass rivets - a particularly noble variant with an unusual blade shape. In the First Class Wood and Size S Olive product series, which have a Mediterranean look, the knife handles are made of Andalusian olive wood. A dark handle made of smoked oak can be found in the Size S Smoked Oak series.

Alternatively, Felix Solingen also offers chef's knives that feature an ergonomic handle made of easy-care plastic. For example, in the Resolute and First Class series.

Chef's knife with Damascus blade - ideal for professionals

Treat yourself to an exclusive chef's knife variant with a high-quality, extremely sturdy blade made of Damascus steel. In the Sirius product series, the Damascus chef's knife is made of a total of 130 layers of Damascus steel. The generous, ergonomic handle is made of easy-care maple wood and fits perfectly in the hand when working.

How to care for your chef's knife properly

Clean chef's knives with plastic handles by hand after each use with a sponge, a little warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent. After washing, carefully rub the knife with a soft cloth and then store it safely in a knife block or on a wall ledge. For models with wooden handles, we recommend a little flaxseed oil for extra care.

Important: The dishwasher is taboo for all Felix Solingen knives!

Resharpening of chef's knives - possible for life and free of charge at Felix Solingen.

High-quality chef's knives become duller through intensive use, but quickly regain their original sharpness through resharpening. Felix Solingen offers you the opportunity to have your chef's knife resharpened free of charge for a lifetime. The traditional process of grinding on stone will make your chef's knife as sharp as it was on the first day. To take advantage of our professional sharpening service, send us your chef's knife and we will return it to you after sharpening.

Do you already have experience in resharpening knives? Then we recommend our professional sharpening accessories, such as the whetstone, sharpening rod or sharpening steel. With these, you can bring your chef's knife back into shape yourself.

Buy a chef's knife at Felix Solingen

With a chef's knife from Felix Solingen, you are choosing a genuine quality product that you will enjoy for a very long time if you take good care of it. We also offer chef's knives as part of a knife set - for example, from the Miu series including a leather knife pouch and four other knife models for the perfect kitchen equipment.

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