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    A knife not only has to be sharp, it should also look good. If you love something special, then a Felix knife with laser engraving is just right for you. Whether as a wedding gift with the initials of the bridal couple or with a mandala- make a Felix knife your personal knife. We offer you various patterns to choose from. Shop now. THE LASER ENGRAVING CAN ONLY BE ORDERED IN COMBINATION WITH A KNIFE.


    It makes sense to have knives within reach when preparing food - for example in a knife block or on a magnetic knife holder. The shape and material depend on the kitchen furniture, the space available and personal taste. All knife blocks and knife holders are made of high quality materials, easy to clean and durable. Knives need a wooden board as a cutting base to work properly. Why? When used on other materials the knife’’s blade gets blunt – for example on glass, ceramics or marble. High quality blades made from blade steel love wooden boards and thank you for it by keeping sharp for a long time. In addition, wood is more hygienic than plastic. Only high quality tannic and thus anti-bacterial wood is used for FELIX cutting boards.


    HERBAL KITCHEN Fresh herbs are as important for the preparation of food as salt is in soup. Special gadgets are a must for amateur and professional cooks so that herbs are cut gently according to their nature, type and preparation. The blade of the herb knife is made of high quality X50 CrMoV15 blade steel, drop-forged from one piece and ice-hardened. This guarantees long-lasting edge retention and resistance to corrosion. The handle is made of plastic called polyoxymethylene, POM for short, and is durable and easy to clean. Herb shears should be used for all herbs which can be easily cut with scissors. The plastic handle with integrated bottle opener for screwable caps fits snugly in the hand and makes light work of the job. The cutting edge made of stainless steel is extremely sharp and almost cuts by itself. Both sides of the shears can be taken apart for better cleaning and easily put back together again.


    FELIX knives are sharp and stay that way for a long time. Depending on how often it is used, the sharpness of the blade diminishes in time. Professional and hobby cooks sharpen their knives briefly before and after use, that is: they regularly grind their knives. Even amateurs can do this successfully, with a little practice. Of course you can send us your FELIX-knives any time for sharpening. This service is inexpensive and ensures that your knives are like new after sharpening.

    SEAFOOD Particular types of food need particular gadgets. Seafood needs to be prepared carefully with functional kitchen utensils. Even stubborn oysters can be opened with the oyster knife. The heavy handle fits safely in the hand. The cuff at the end of the handle also protects the hand from harm. With fish remove the bones with the pliers or tweezers without harming the fish meat. When cooking or simmering whole fish the scales should be removed first, for example with perch, salmon or zander. The fish scaler is strong, sharp, fits safely in the hand and makes light work of the job. All special utensils for fish and seafood are made of high quality materials. The handles of the oyster knife and fish scaler are made of robust, easy to clean plastic. The functional parts like pliers and tweezers are made of stainless steel and thus easy to clean.

    GIFT CARDS (3)

    The Felix Gift cards are the ideal Birthday or Christmas gift or a little Thank You for someone special. We will be glad to send you the vouchers by post. Choose between 3 variants for 30,-- 50,-- or 100,-- EURO

    BARBECUE (4)

    BARBECUE For hobby chefs and professionals, functional tools and accessories are also important when grilling. For example, a grill tong with which you can grasp and turn the food safely. Wood is known to be blunt, so nothing slips away even with slight effort. With the Felix cutting board you have the perfect base for preparation and you serve the food safely and in style. The leather apron made of cowhide leather protects the grill master - for example from flying sparks and grease splashes, which are known to quickly ruin a fabric apron. Natural materials are happy about a little care. Thus the original radiant emittance and beauty of the material remain. For cleaning the wooden boards we recommend a mixture of salt, lemon and water, which disinfects and neutralises odours. For care we recommend grape seed oil. The leather can be treated with commercially available leather care products. This keeps the leather supple and protected from external influences.

    BRUNCH (5)

    Whether black, white or coloured – the FELIX brunch knife puts you in the mood for breakfast. The blade cuts effortlessly through bread rolls, baguette and anything you need to cut at breakfast time. It is made of X46 Cr13 stainless steel blade steel, is stamped and vacuum hardened, giving the material a stable and homogeneous structure and the blade elasticity, excellent cutting durability and resistance to corrosion. The handle made of food-safe, easy-to-clean PA polyamide fits snugly and safely in your hand. Conclusion: function, design and quality in convincing and proven FELIX-knife craftsmanship – and the day can start.
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