Masterpiece Collection
  • SIRIUS (4)

    Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. This is also the name of the new knife series by Felix, which is not only visually convincing. The knives of the SIRIUS series are real eye-catchers. The ergonomically shaped handles made of stabilised maple wood are food-safe, easy to clean and lie comfortably and safely in the hand. The blades made of 130 layers of stainless DSC® Inox Damascus steel are vacuum- hardened - which makes the structure in the steel fine and dense. With 60 Rockwell they have an excellent cutting durability. Visually, haptically and functionally these knives are a pure delight.


    Whoever cooks with passion needs a passionate knife! ABSOLUTE ML is love at first sight. And ABSOLUTE ML certainly keeps its promises. The blade, made from Japanese VG10 66-layer Damascus steel, is ice-hardened which makes the structure in the steel even finer and more compact and it achieves a strength of 60-62 Rockwell. The handle is made of the food-safe plastic PA6-Polyamide which is characterized by its absolute strength and toughness. It fits safely in the hand thanks to the fine and parallel-running grooves in the handle. ABSOLUTE ML makes cutting a breathtaking experience. Winner of the iF Product Design Gold Award for one of the 50 most beautiful consumer goods of the world.

    RESOLUTE (7)

    What cuts better than blade steel? Razor blade steel. RESOLUTE is the first knife in the world with a blade made of razor blade steel. RESOLUTE achieves a unique edge retention of 59 – 60 Rockwell. The handle is discreet, ergonomically shaped and fits snugly in the hand. No power at all is needed to cut, due to the excellent balance of the knife. RESOLUTE is the “knife for life” for anyone attaching importance to a reliable, simply-designed but aesthetic knife for food preparation.

    FIRST CLASS (29)

    It is easy to see the unique quality of FIRST CLASS. The drop-forged blade made from one piece of X50 CrMoV15 blade steel is vacuum-hardened and ice-hardened. The material achieves a fine, compact and homogenous grain structure. This guarantees a blade which stands out due to its long-lasting edge retention and resistance to corrosion. The double crop at the lower and upper part of the handle provides FIRST CLASS with perfect balance. The ergonomically formed handle fits snugly and safely in the hand. FIRST CLASS is a reliable and uncomplicated knife which proves its unique quality every day with its elegance and timeless beauty.

    FIRST CLASS WOOD is a classical beauty with Mediterranean flair. The quality and production method is like FIRST CLASS but FIRST CLASS WOOD stands out due to the particular radiance of the olivewood handle. Olivewood from Andalusia is exclusively used. There the wood is gained from trees of up to 1000 years of age in special limited deforestation and reforestation programmes under state supervision. The structure of olivewood is compact, hard, regular and fine. Olive- wood is endowed with antiseptic qualities and longevity. With a little treatment from time to time the wood retains its structure and intensive colour.

    SALE (44)

    Only for a short time and only while stocks last Outlet items + seasonal items at top prices. Here you will find the high quality articles from Felix Solingen GmbH at extraordinarily low prices. These are products that we take out of our assortment or short-term seasonal offers - of course in proven Felix quality.
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